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this song is about Castelao ( who is considered as father of Galicia´s nationalism.

he was always considered as a leftist person and had to flee Spain when fascist coup triumphed.

he was a doctor, poet and painter but most of his works has great social content.

after his death, and democratic transition, his legacy was claimed by both right and left political wings, and this beautiful song is about this struggle, where some people try to hide his social commitment (?) and only remember him as a "nationalist".

listen to it, here:

Olla meu irmao honrado, o que acontece con Daniel
Os que o tiñan desterrado agora falan ben del

O palurdo de alma lerda
O tendeiro desertor
O vinculeiro da merda, disfrazado de señor

O lerdo carca refrito, o monifate de entroido
O aprendiz de señorito, marqués de quero e non poido

O badoco endomingado
O franquista pousafol
O forricas desleigado, o pequeño burgués mol

O devoto do onanismo
O feligrés de pesebre
O tolleito de cinismo, o que dá gato por lebre

O rateiro do peirao
O refugallo incivil
Válense de Castelao para esconder a caste vil

Escoita puto nefando
Criado na servidume
Non pasará o contrabando dese teu noxento estrume

Grotesco escriba sandez
Inxertado nun raposo
Castelao nunca foi teu, porque Castelao é noso

I anque a ti che importe un pito
Sabrás que é cousa sabida
Que estás incurso en delito de apropriación indebida.


English lyrics (awful google translation, tried to fix some of it but my galician is not good :p):

Listen my honest brother, what happens to Daniel
Those who had him banished now speak well of him

The hillbilly soul dumb
The shopkeeper deserter
The Vinculeiro shit disguised as lord

The nerd reactionary, the circus monkey
The apprentice of Master, Marquis of I want but can not

The simpletons of sunday mass
The retarded
The cheeky forricas, the petty bourgeois mole

The devotee of onanism
The parishioner in crib
The crippled cynic, who gives pig in a poke

The beachcomber the dock
The waste uncivil
Make use of Castelao to hide the caste vil

Listen fucking nefando
Risen in servitude
Do not pass the contraband that your sordid manure

Grotesque write nonsense
Inxertado a fox
Castelao was never yours, because it is our Castelao

And though you don´t care at all
You will know that something is known
You are convicted of crime of unlawful appropriation.

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