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N´Arba - De Grau a Concarneau

Lyrics are quite representative of Asturia´s traditional folk haha: Cows, women, weapons and killing the not-so-devout priest of the village :P Well i think it´s actually not a traditional song, or not entirely, but it ´s fun anyway and representative indeed

Concarneau refers to this village in french bretagne (… ) and Grau is this little village (… ) in spanish northern coast so i guess they mean this things are common lore in all athlantic ocean coast from spanish to french "finisterre" (european athlantic arc:… )

Had to love it as soon as i listened to it

You tinía dous xatus pintus (valime)               I had two brown calfs
y'arimeilus a la braña                                   and took them to the pastureland
ya nel mediu del camín (valime)                     and half the way done
alcordeime de Mariana                                 I remembered of Mariana
deixéi lus mious xatus solus (valime)               I left my calf alone
ya dí la vuolta pa casa                                 and went back home
deixei las puortas abiertas (valime)                 I had left the doors open
y'atopeilas bien trancadas                             but I found them well closed
pur delantre sin clavixos (valime)                    no handle on the outer side of them
pur dientru cun buonas trancas                      and barricaded inside 
¿qué fais ahí Mariana? (valime)                       "what are you doing there Mariana?"
¿qué fais tan suola en casa?                          "what are you doing so alone?"
tou metiendu ya sacandu (valime)                   "I am taking in and out
camisas de la colada                                     shirts of the wash"
¿qué yá aquellu que ta allí? (valime)                 "And what´s that thing over there
¿debaixu la nuosa cama?                                under our bed?"  
yá'l gatu del siñor cura (valime)                       "It´s the priest´s cat
que vien ve-la nuosa gata                              which came to visit our she-cat"
Nunca vi gatu comu esi (valime)                      "Never seen a cat like that
cola corona rapada                                        with a shaven head"
Traigo la'scopeta al llombu (valime)                   "I bring the gun to my shoulder
bien preparada pa caza                                  ready for the hunt"
¡calla calla buon maríu! (valime)                       "Oh! Don´t say so my dear husband!
¡nun mates al cura en casa!                           Don´t kill the priest inside the house!
A ti va chate unus calzones (valime)                He is giving some trousers to you!
y'a mí va chame una salla                               and he is giving me a robe
y'a la criada un mandil (valime)                        and he is giving our maid an apron
para que nun diga nada                                  so she keeps silent about this"

Translating this was much fun, but i might made some mistake... anyway i think it´s clear enough haha

Note: they are talking about catholic priests oc, you know, vow of chastity, deadly sin and this kind of things :p

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